A Destination For Destination Wedding

A Destination For Destination Wedding

Weddings are an opportunity for you to excavate your inner prince or princess. It’s not a mere ceremony; it’s a glaring landmark in the walk of life whereon you begin to share your quill with your significant other, to pen down the subsequent chapters of your life.

With destination weddings in vogue; an exquisite wedding destination on a picturesque location, is something you need to keep the charm of your nuptials evergreen. Limited people and unlimited joys, on a serene wedding destination  amplifies the wedding fever. Isn’t it?

The auspiciousness of any wedding is exponentially magnified when you iterate your promises amidst the jingle of temple bells and the splendour of temples itself. What could be a destination better than Khajuraho to sprinkle the charm of heavenly blessings on your sacred union? 

Khajuraho, the city which is perpetually high on grandeur of exotic temples and forts topped with unparalleled bounties of nature perfectly synchronises with your pious union. With mind-boggling architecture and mesmerising views, Khajuraho furnishes flawless romantic setup for you to get hitched. This exotic city has every element to make your special union super-special ! So, let the majestic monuments and serene temples bear witness to your “I DO” iterations, and let this “City of Exotic Temples” upgrade your wedding to an aristocratic fairy tale wedding ! Undoubtedly, Khajuraho will offer you a regal experience which is extraordinarily peculiar.

So, answer to the calls of your inner princess for an offbeat royal wedding on a palace like venue and celebrate the onset of your new life with us. Throw a grand feast and let your celebrations culminate in a ‘magnificent marriage’ on the breath taking property of Chandela. Let reality paint such pictures of grandeur and perfection, which dreams could never paint!

Exchange your promises beneath the shimmering stars, and feel the shower of blessings on you; as the breeze blowing from The Western Group of Temples caress you. 

Whether you choose a traditional, western or an offbeat wedding; your grand bridal entry is assured to leave everyone awestruck ! With the best of our hospitality for every single guest,the wedding memories you will make with us; will be the best among all the treasures you possess!

Our ‘WOW’ destination wedding venue for your eternal ‘VOW’ of togetherness, with swoon worthy backdrops; will just make your wedding surpass the highest  degrees of perfection ! 

The Chandela family looks forward for you to sink your ‘PINK’ fineries with your ‘Pink-y’ promises at our premise. Let everyone’s instagram feed buzz with the snapshots of your wedding soirees, which narrate tales of splendour, royalty and elegance you experienced at Chandela, Khajuraho.

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