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Touristy things to do in Khajuraho

Khajuraho, the ‘City of Temples’, hosts a group of Hindu and Jain temples and is a major tourist hotspot in Chhatarpur district of Madhya Pradesh. The city is loaded with an array of temples and palaces and is an epitome of Indian Art and Architecture. This city is an elegant blend of old and new, virtual and materialistic, classic and rustic. The city boasts on marvellous architectural beauties which silently narrate the tales of honour and chivalry of various Chandela rulers (also their religious capital). Amidst all the urbanisation, this city has delicately preserved its cultural heritage, which is admired by the swarms of tourists that visit Khajuraho every year. The city of Khajuraho not only rejuvenates and stimulates your soul, but also is an ideal escape from your hectic and more often than not mundane schedules. The historic relevance of the city and its encompassment with lush greenery, makes the visit an extraordinarily enriching experience for the tourists.

Here we have listed top 5 touristy things to in Khajuraho:

  1. KHAJURAHO TEMPLES: The remarkable architectural styles of Khajuraho temples ignite curiosity with respect to religion, culture and history among tourists. Here are some of the most prominent temples of the Khajuraho complex:
    • Kandariya Mahadeva Temple: It is the temple of the western complex with Shiva as the presiding deity. It is the largest and most ornate temple which is dexterously planned and pleasingly detailed. Undisputedly, Kandariya Mahadeva is the “largest and grandest temple” of Khajuraho.
    • Matangeshwar Temple: It is a Shiva temple and bears a plain design unlike other temples of the complex. It’s construction dates between 900-925 CE and is the only active site of worship among devotees. The 8 foot tall Shiva lingam made out of yellow sandstone is the tallest in North India.
    • Vishwanath Temple: Built by the Chandela king Dhanga, between 999CE-1002CE,  the complex features sculptures of various deities. The main shrine of the complex is one of the best specimens of Nagara style architecture available.
    • Duladeo Temple: It is one of the 22 temples dedicated to Shiva and has soft carving features unlike others. It is an East facing temple and is one of the last complexes constructed by the Chandelas.
  1. RANEH FALLS: If you’re a nature lover, this place would take you to cloud nine of ecstasy.The scintillating gush of waters erupting from the mesmerising rock formations is an absolute delight to watch.
  1. PANNA NATIONAL PARK: The city of Khajuraho also greets you with a beautiful wildlife with some of the rarest species in it. This tiger reserve is further graced by river Ken.
  1. AJAIGARH FORT: The fort narrates the saga of glory of Chandela empire and offers panoramic views of the Ken river and Panna National Park. It’s a must visit to capture enthralling views of the beautiful landscape visible from an altitude of more than 200 meters.
  1. Ken Gharial Sanctuary: It is an intriguing wildlife hotspot which offers the sight  of critically endangered species including spotted deer, boars, variety of birds and the Shaheen Falcon ! Undoubtedly it is a treat to nature lovers.

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